Terry, I bought one of your tank heater [FrostHeater], and installed it the next day. It took me about 2 Hrs, but the directions were very clear and it does look like factory installed. I will have to give you a big 10 for the rating of product and clear directions with color pictures. It seems to me that you are making a lot of TDI people happy including me. This heater was put on a Jetta TDI 2006.5 special edition. Keep up the good work Terry. 


Menasha Wisconsin USA 

Terry, This email is well overdue. Thanks very much for a fantastic kit, I dropped the heater in an hour & only spilt approx 1 cup of coolant! Such a tidy package!  

Again thanks, have a great Christmas! 

Paul & Jess,

Ontario Canada 

Hi!  Just wanted to let you know that I received my heater last week and had it installed over the weekend.  It is fantastic!  It wasn't that cold overnight but I had my car plugged in anyway just to try out the heater.  The engine was all the way warm when I started it this morning!  I'm so happy with it.  The installation was easy and the M&M's were a nice treat.  Thanks for the great product! 


Windsor, Ontario 

Absolutely great product, though I have not even plugged in yet. 

The install was wonderful, though awful. 

What I am trying to say is that even though it was a bear, your Custom kit made it a dream compared to what it would have been Had I tried this on my own. Well worth the price… 

…Your kit is the only way to go. 


Cincinnati, OH USA 

Terry !!!!!!

I put in the heater and have been running it 2 weeks now, it works great…

…Full heat when starting car is sweet.  I used the timer  3 hours every night.  I leave it plugged in at work all day so it is up to temp when I leave work for home.  I am running WVO and haven’t switched to diesel in 2 weeks, veggie oil stays hot all the time.  No need to purge unless it can’t be plugged in.  The electric used is paid for in the savings of diesel each month. I love it. 

Thanks for the M&M'S 


Warren,  CT USA 

Hi Terry, 

The heater arrived in the mail today. I can't wait to get time to install it. 

Many thanks,


Hi Terry,

I received the FrostHeater on Friday & installed it on my wife's 2001 Jetta Monday during my lunch break at my son's automotive shop.......what a breeze to install.  The only tricky part was removing the factory spring clamp from the fitting at the oil filter.  To accomplish this we used a long handled, hook nose, needle pliers…  

…I installed it none to soon as it is -30C (-21F) with a wind chill of -43C (-45F) right now where we are in Alberta. 

Thanks for your prompt delivery & service. 


Alberta Canada 

Mr. Frost, 

Just a note to let you know I completed the installation of your heater on my wife's 2004 Jetta this evening.  I probably spent about three hours tinkering, beginning to end.   I didn't remove the plastic belly pan, so the lower oil cooler hose clamp was difficult to remove.  I am very impressed with the way you located and selected the heater and hoses to fit in a very small space.  I think your kit is the way to go.  Furthermore, you did a great job writing and illustrating the instructions.  I will recommend your kit to others.  The candy was a nice gesture. Thanks.  My wife will enjoy a warm car in the morning.  



Eagle River, Alaska USA 

Hello Terry: 

I just wanted to get back with you concerning your TDIHeater.  First, I’m impressed with the package and quality.  You definitely add value over putting all the parts together myself.  After a couple of months procrastination, today was perfect for working on the car, so I read through the instructions and launched in.    

While actual preparation and installation was straight forward, working in the dense environment under the hood proved frustrating and time consuming.  Maneuvering the unit up into position was quite a challenge, and just about everything was just past my reach or blocked by something.  But with determination I finally got it all plumbed in and buttoned up.  

The instructions were thorough, but I have one criticism.  Some of the pics lacked a frame of reference and were difficult to figure out.  Once I found the areas it all made sense, but after many years doing my own maintenance, it was a little dismaying to not immediately recognize a shot.  Suggest something in the text like “Look up under the transaxle near the right wheel,” or label the pics with reference points.   

Otherwise, a very well put-together kit that’s worth the price.  Installation is best approached with a good measure of patience, the right tools, and small hands. 



Randallstown, Maryland USA 


Thanks for the excellent service.  The rumors are true.  It's a shame you don't manufacture motor homes!    

Thanks again,


Rehoboth, Massachusetts USA 

Good evening Terry   Thanks for very quick help. I am spreading your most excellent information about your product and now also the service!!  

Thanks again,


Bayfield, Ontario 


I just got my TDIHeater kit today. I was a little wary for a long time before I ordered your item.  I am impressed with the attention to detail you have given this kit.  The bracket is really an elegant solution to the situation. 

I probably will install mine in October or so.   What got me to do this is last year when it was -15 below zero, the Passat would turn but not start.  I ended up calling VW roadside.  By the time they came out I had my car on my battery charger for  five minutes and it had enough juice to start it.  The car really rattled and rocked when it did. It was then I decided to get one of your heaters for the next cold season. 


Wisconsin USA 

Hi Terry, well the install went longer last night then expected.  Nice Fit!  

The Greasecar Kit makes the TDIHeater a little more involved but fits nicely when completed. 

Did you and Greasecar get together and design these kits, because the fit is perfect , they just barely  clear each other. 

Thanks for designing a great kit.


Sunapee, NH USA 

Hello Terry: 

I just received my TDI Heater and it looks to be top quality. 




Randallstown, MD USA 

 Dear Terry, 

Your heaters are the best. I am saying this from a Canadian perspective, I was in places that is was -30 C and my engine was warm. Awesome product. 

R. Arsenault

Montreal, Quebec 

Good morning Terry, 

Just want to let you know the heater for my 2000 TDI is installed and I do enjoy everything being 'hot and bothered' when I turn the key in the morning, never mind the easy starting!  Being in Georgia, it does not get that cold.  I have it on a timer to kick it on about 2 1/2 to 3 hours before anticipated use of the car. 

I ended up having VW install the heater when I had in for servicing and the water temperature sensor replacement last week… 

…The VW mechanic who put it in was very complementary on how the heater was set up. 

There will probably come a time in the not too distant future that I'll be ordering one for my wife's TDI. 

Thanks again and keep up the good work! 



Woodstock, GA 

 Terry -

I recently installed your heater in our 2005 Jetta Wagon TDi. Now that it is colder we've had a chance to use it. Works very well and the installation process was fist class. Your instructions and photos were great for a do it yourselfer!

A question for you - do you know if there is anyone making a front cover or winter cover for the grille? I am thinking this would help with the TDi warm up time.



Calgary, Alberta Canada 

Hi Terry,

I finally installed my heater yesterday morning.  It was very easy to do. Used it last night for the 1st. time (it still is getting down to 25 degrees here in Michigan at night) and what a difference that makes.

Jumped in this morning to go to work, and instant heat.   WONDERFUL  !!!!! 

Thanks for a great product. 

P.S.  Thanks for the M&M's  that is a nice touch.  By the time the M&M's were gone, the job was done.  If you would, could you send me another window decal.  I would like to put one on both sides of the cars back doors.  I want everyone to know how wonderful it works. 

Thanks again.


Wayland, MI USA 

Terry awesome service thanks so much I put the heater in the day it arrived and the directions were impeccable.  I now have it set on the timer to go on a few hours before I leave in the am and it's super slick.  I couldn't improve anything with the directions really top notch.  Even the HotTamales were appreciated.   



Bethel, Maine USA 

Took just a few minutes to install, excellent kit!   Thank you! 

A. Dahl

Hastings, MN USA 

I have received my tdi heater and am very pleased with the product and your service.  Thanks for the m&ms and the very efficient service. 

Olive K. 

Recently purchased your TDI heater and installed it with ease.

Good job with the instructions and heater assembly.

The only suggestion I would have is that the bracket could be made of a little heavier steel.



Gloversville, NY USA

Dear Terry Frost, I just wanted to say that I received the TDIHeater and I'm extremely pleased with your level of professionalism. Also, the instructions are outstanding. I wish more companies provided this level of customer service. 

Once again, thank you very much


East Windsor, CT USA

Hi Terry, thanks for making the heater available. I have mine installed on my Golf and both me and my 13 month old son appreciate the warmth on cold mornings. The installation looks factory. Shine Racing in Massachusetts did the install when I had the coolant changed at my 30K service. They commented on what a nice job you did in putting this together. If I can make one suggestion, it would be great if you included a cover for the plug. I made one out a bicycle inner tube to keep it from getting covered with road grime. 

Thanks again, Joel - 4wheeldrift

Sudbury, MA USA

Terry, 1st of all, thank you for the M&M's. Nice treat. 2nd, Have had the heater installed for about a week now. Have experienced -35*C with freezing rain in that time period. Our 2001 TDI Jetta has been parked outside at home and work during all this weather, and out of the 30 guys who have their vehicles at work, I'm the only one who can daily start their vehicle and right away drive away with both a warm engine and clear windshield. I have told many people that this is the best accessory I've ever spent money on. I depend on my car to start in extreme low temps at very early hours (3-4 am most days). Now with the TDIHeater installed I have absolutely no worries of letting my work crew down (I work in northern Alberta in the oil patch where you do not let the crew down) by not getting my car started. Thank you for the easy install instructions, the all put together package, and the fast efficient service once I ordered the heater. Keep up the good work. 

Lawrence & Monique 

Hythe Ab, Canada

Wow that was quick!! I checked the mailbox this morning and it was there.

So cool! thanks, Scott 

Waterloo, Ontario Canada

Terry: I got your heater very promptly installed it today no problems just takes some time you did some good development on engineering it, it fits very well looks factory, again thank you for your support. No adjustments were necessary, excellent design. 


Goodland, Kansas

Install the heater today went well but do need smaller hands interesting to see that it [the heater] is made in my home town Winnipeg but it great to have the custom fit hoses no cutting everything fits right. 



Terry: I purchased one of your heaters last week and installed it a few days ago. First of all, thanks for developing such a great addition to any TDI! I had one of VW's oil pan heaters until my best friend's dog decided that he was going to rip the plug and wiring out from the front of my car during a recent visit. I did some searching for an alternative and came across your product. Installation was easier than I had expected…….I just can't believe that I was successful at installing something on my car. I plugged it in as soon as I ran the car to check for any leaks (It was 5 degrees outside as I was installing the heater), woke up the next morning and had heat as soon as the car started…success! Thanks again and I will spread the word in the Maryland area. I have a few friends who also have TDI's. 

Sincerely, Ian

New Market, MD

Thanks for your support Ledyard, CT

Hi Terry, I am not sure if you recall who I am but last year I purchased one of your TDIHeater units for our 2001 TDI Jetta. I live in Quebec, Canada and it gets blistering cold. It is not uncommon for this time of year to have minimum lows of -35C to -40C. We have had absolutely no problems whatsoever installing or using this product. It works great. I would recommend it to anyone considering purchasing one. In fact, this product should be an OEM component on all Diesel vehicles sold in Canada and parts of the U.S. Mid West.

 Thanks again. Anthony

Quebec, Canada

Thank you Terry for getting this item shipped out so quickly. 


Regina, SK Canada 

PS. Thanks for the M&M's!

Hi Terry: Heater arrived yesterday. Very clear instructions. Going to try install this weekend if snow not too heavy -no garage. I'm glad for your initiative in developing such a ready-to-install product. 

Jon A.

Peterborough, Ontario Canada

Dear Terry: I took advantage of the warm mid-week weather and installed the heater, in under 2 hours. Your directions were clear, and the parts were a perfect fit. It was well worth the extra money versus buying the Zerostart unit and cutting and bending the fittings myself. This morning I checked the cylinder head and it was as warm as a fresh loaf of bread, with no leaks anywhere. Kudos to you. 

Sincerely, Jon A.

Peterborough, Ontario Canada

This heater is to fit a 2000 Golf TDI , please rush this as its -34 here tonite and I have no block heater at all , I must say the TDI is one of a few cars that will start without a heater but the heater output is about 20 min away. I'll pass on a report when its on. Thanks Terry for the speedy service 

Thanks Randy

Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Hi, I just wanted to thank you. I received both heaters a couple of weeks ago for myself and my friend. I installed it a day before a cold snap of -30 degrees that lasted a week. The car started perfectly, unlike my friend who was unable to install it and had a great deal of trouble. Thanks again for the M&M's and a warm car all winter. 


Ontario Canada

Terry: Thanks for letting me know. Also, thanks for offering this hard-to-find product in a kit even someone like me can do! My Golf is crying out for help in the Maine cold, so we both thank you! 


Biddeford, ME USA

I've got to tell you guys and gals, I installed the TDI heater from Terry Frost and what a difference!! It got to 14 degrees here the other night and I went out and did not have to defrost the windows got in a warm car and started without any smoke and had instant heat. The fuel mileage is back up that I usually loose in the winter from cold starts and the car is much more pleasant. This heater is the best thing to add to these cars and can not believe they do not come standard.


I ordered a tdiheater to help with the immediate need for heat in the morning….

Hi Terry, I received my TDIHeater and you have put together a very convenient package....well done! 

Thanks again!


Norwalk, CT

Hi Terry, I received my TDIHeater a little over a week ago. I installed it last Saturday. What a suh-weet deal! I'm running WVO [Waste Vegetable Oil], and I can now start on WVO in the morning - no more diesel flush the night before and no diesel warm-up in the morning - this nearly doubles my miles/diesel gallon. Not to mention the instant heat from the heater. The instructions were clear, and the kit went in very smoothly. I'm telling my TDI friends they gotta get one. Thanks for the great kit. 


Hello Mr. Frost, I received the heater last week and my son and I installed it on Sat. The instructions were great and the installation was "wrench throwing"-free (no problems)! Thank you for the product and I will try to send more business your way. P.S. thanks for the M&M's. Good luck with this and all your ventures, 


Cool Signs & Graphics

Warren, MB, Canada

Hi Terry, Wow! Thanx for the notice Terry. What great service. Feels like I'm buying something from a good friend. 

Your friend, Gary

Toronto, Ontario Canada

Terry Frost and staff Thanks for the quick and efficient service. Installed your heater on my 2004 Passat tonight and went exactly according to your instructions. Isn't cold enough here yet to really use it but am sure it will work like it is advertised. Still have to thread the cord thru the radiator support and grill. 

Thanks again Bob

Georgetown, KY

Unbelievable - the heater arrived in yesterdays mail. 6 days is almost unheard of for parcels [to Canada]. Thanks Ps - you must have dropped you M&M's in the box while you were packing it up ;-)) 


Calgary, Alberta Canada

Hi Terry. I got the heater in good order on Friday Oct 15/2004. I'm looking forward to installing it in the next week as it is starting to dip below 0C at night here now. I like the M&M's, it is a nice touch with the kit. This will be well worth the investment for my car. Thanks again. 



Prince George, British Columbia Canada

Terry Got the heater and installed it what a difference --as u stated instant heat -thanks.


Ontario, Canada

Outstanding. I've heard good things and I'm looking forward to receiving it. The last few nights in the 30's got me a bit scared!


Shoreview, MN

Hi Terry The heater arrived today. The instructions look great, I'll give it a go on Monday after I get some G12 from the dealer. Thanks for the prompt attention to my order.

Doug (dld at tdiclub)

PS: Thanks, too, for the M & Ms!

Hi Terry Just finished the installation - man that is a tight fit! But when I finally got it into position, the mounting bracket lined right up, and the hoses slipped right on. Well designed, I'd have to say. My wife says all you need is a pair of elfin hands, but all I have is a pair of elephant hands!


Manitoba Canada

PS: She shared the M&Ms.

Hi Terry, Just wanted to let you know I got my TDI heater today, really nice looking product, can't wait for winter. 

Thanks again


Angus, Ontario Canada

Hi Terry, Just writing to say how wonderful and seamless your product has been for my '03 Jetta TDI! Absolutely no probs this winter, and heat on demand! I was wondering, as I may be replacing the OEM oil cooler/heat exchanger... what is the inside diameter (ID) of the hosing that you use? I'm going to have to buy a little bit longer lengths. 

Thanks again!!

Warm regards,


Waterville, Maine

Hi, I just emailed you a few weeks back about the ID of the hosing to your TDIHeater that I own... and love! My new oil cooler kit is enroute and I would like this fix [PD130 hose kit] from you please. Thanks for all of your support!!! 

Warmest regards,


Biddeford Pool, Maine

Hi, I just wanted you to let know that after receiving my heater from you, a couple of weeks of weeks ago, I decided to have it professionally installed -- instead of doing it myself. My mechanic installed it , had no problems at all, installation looks so slick that it looks like it came from the factory and only he charged me $60.00 -- had I attempted this myself I would have had $200.00 in frustration! Now I cannot wait until winter -- I must be sick! I want to thank you for providing a superior product at a reasonable price -- I am very pleased! Regards,


Pittsburg, NH

Well I finally installed my heater the other day. I will say this. out of all the aftermarket things I have installed in my life this was one of the best things I have installed. The installation was clean, the installation manual was great! and the hoses were bent & cut to perfect length! The protection around the hoses were in the perfect spot. There is nothing bad I could say about this product even if I were your worst enemy!!! Thanks for offering such a fine product!


Thanks Terry, I am looking forward to installing your heater after suffering through last winter with only the oil pan heater which I felt was totally ineffective when temperatures dropped below zero. 

Take care,


Spruce Grove, Alberta Canada

Hi Terry, I just finished installing the TDI Heater on my '03 Jetta TDI and I am impressed, it fits very well and does look almost factory installed. Now I know it is July and I am from Canada so please no jokes about needing engine heaters here in Canada in the middle of summer. I just figured why wait until the fall when I am rushing around trying to winterize everything. 

Yours truly,


Spruce Grove, Alberta Canada

Received today - Thanks for the quick, professional service. Looking forward to the installation in the upcoming weeks (before it gets cold). I'll give you a bump on TDIClub.


Driftwood, PA USA

Hi, Terry. Got home today from a road trip, and it is here. 



Mt. Sterling, KY USA

Thanks a bunch for your work on this and not leaving us A3/B4 TDI owners out in the cold! :) 


Union, MO USA

Arrived today, thanks! And thanks for a great product, with excellent instructions!


Brian aka: Oilhammer

Union, MO USA

Terry, Thanks for the updates. I will keep that in mind and try to push your product to those that may not know about it. I have seen a few in action and boy are they worth the money.

 Thanks again, Mikey

I am so happy to have found this!! I bought my car in Feb. from St. Louis, and they don't need block heaters there. Thank you! 


Minneapolis, MN USA

Hi Terry, ……..I also want to tell you again how much I love your product!.....I installed the 2nd TDI Heater on my girlfriend's Jetta and she loves it!......I can't imagine a TDI without your heater.....Thanks again for a great kit at a very reasonable price! 

All the best,


Saint Helens, OR USA

Thank you again I received it and it was very easy to install. It took about 45 minutes. Thanks again. 


Mukwonago, WI USA

FYI. I had the heater installed. It works great. I keep the car outside and it starts right up and the vents blow hot air. I had a mechanic install it. There is almost no room inside the New Beetle for anything so I let someone else do it. thanks!


Westlake, OH USA

Sirs, I completed my installation three days ago, and spent two nights checking the timer, and checking for leaks… no problems detected. Last night I just let it go blind, and this morning all was cool (hot as it were…) One thing, my particular model 2003 Jetta (BORA) TDI has a plastic composition Battery tray/mount, and cutting the edge with tin snips could be tedious. I suggest a Dremel Tool, with the small rotary saw blade, at a relatively low RPM to make the cut(s). Tomorrow I will be taking pictures in .jpg format if you would like these, let me know. The hardest part of this project was finding G-12 Anti-Freeze. (and I recommend that a good pair of angled/offset pliers be rented/bought/borrowed for the factory hose clamps) 


Hello Terry Ya Thomas from Stirling, Ontario, Canada. I purchased a coolant heater from you for a 98 Beetle with a 1.9 TDI, 2 weeks ago. I didn't know you were routing through the oil cooler. To bad V.W. wasn't bright enough to figure that out themselves. Heater works beautiful, might be some more sales from this side for you. The candies [M&Ms] were great too, but my wife ate most of them.

Terry, Amazingly funny story…The Oil pan heater works fine for 1.2 amps but the TDI Heater @ 8.3 amps kicks Ass! Love it! Thanks for the good product. 


Savannah, TN USA

I received the heater the day after this message came. Installed outside ( damn it's cold -31F) The heater works great. I can't believe how well my wife's car starts (2000 Jetta TDI automatic). 


Royalton, MN USA

Terry awesome service thanks so much I put the heater in the day it arrived and the directions were impeccable. I now have it set on the timer to go on a few hours before I leave in the am and it's super slick. I couldn't improve anything with the directions really top notch. Even the Hot Tamales [candy] were appreciated.

Thanks Jon

Bethel, ME USA

Hi Terry, Just a quick note to let you know that I received the TDIHeater two weeks ago, and finally got around to installing it today - I must say, I am impressed! It fits like a glove and works great! 

Thanks for the great product,


Vermont USA

Terry; Installation went well on Sunday. It was nice to have an easy starting and a little warm car with the -15 temps this am. My mechanic friend let me use his shop, he commented on what a good kit he thought it was. The only thing I didn't like was cutting the battery plate with the tin snips, be nice to think of a better way, but I'm sure you've been trying to think of one. 

Thanks again for your great service


South Strafford, VT.

Hey Terry, received heater today (it's 6 degrees F and falling). "Hot Tamales" [candy] gave me a laugh. 




Please let me know when it ships, I'm super anxious to get it installed. My TDI wouldn't start yesterday and it was only 16 degrees in Michigan! 

Thanks a bunch,


Midland, MI USA

Terry, I received the TDI heater yesterday, it was very well packed and the candy was a cool surprise too, thanks. I did install it tonight, it took one hour from start to finish, and I did plug it in and it appeared to be circulating and heating very well. Tomorrow I'm going to plug it in an hour or so before I leave for work and see how it does, so I will report back soon. So far so good, it was straightforward and very easy to put together as you had everything ready to go. Thanks for the quick ship, (it was -6 this morning!)


Midland, MI USA

2000 Jetta TDI 1.9L Just in time It's cold here. 



Bath, ME USA

Thanks so much, Terry. I look forward to installing it and making these arctic mornings a little more bearable. Thanks for putting this kit together for us TDI'ers. 



Springfield, NH USA

Hi Terry - Thanks for your email last month. Although I did receive my heater in late December, with the madness of the holidays I was only able to get the bad boy installed last weekend. The install went well although both of my old hoses put up a pretty good fight. My heater is up and running and making my life much easier. Ottawa is frigid in January but armed with my TDI heater and my Hot Tomales [candy], I should be able to get warmer, faster. Thanks for what you do and how you do it. 

Much appreciated,


Quebec Canada

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that it has been quite cold here in New Hampshire (-9 yesterday morning). My 2001 TDI Jetta with your heater started instantly (maybe even faster)! Wonderful product. 

Thank you!


Durham, NH USA

Hi, I bought your TDIHeater a few months ago, everything works fine, very happy with the received parts. 

Thanks Louis

Brossard, Quebec Canada

Terry, I want to tell you how pleased I am with your TDIHeater. You obviously have put a lot of thought and effort into producing not only the kit, but the instructions as well. Installation was fairly straightforward, and I would almost call it easy if there were just more room in the engine compartment to work in. It was a tremendous time and labor-savings having all the components selected and pre-assembled, as well as the logistics of placement and bracketing already determined. Well worth the price you are asking. 

Thank you for a great product.


Rochester Hills, MI USA

Hi Terry....I installed my TDI heater yesterday, which was pretty painless, plugged it in last night and it works like a charm... 

Thanks Again


Lambertville, MI USA

Terry, Just wanted to let you know that I installed my new TDI Heater last Saturday and couldn't be more pleased! What an excellent quality product and everything about it was "top shelf". Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! 

Best regards, 


New London, NH USA

Received today and it looks like a very good product and easy to install. thanks again. p.s. my little thanks you for the M&M's 


Staunton, VA USA

The heater of choice by many TDI'ers is a ZeroStart 1000W immersion coolant heater made by Phillips & Tempro. Just plug the heater into any 120V AC outlet. A fellow TDIClub member has put together an excellent package including the heater, hoses and mounting bracket. This can be found at " and for less that $100 I think that it is well worth the price. The installation of the TDIHeater is a snap because of the excellent instructions and the pre-fitted nature of the kit. All the hoses are of the right length and installed on the heater with rub guard material and the bracket in place. The only delicate part of the installation is cutting out the old oil-cooler coolant hose. Once removed the lower TDIHeater hose is connected, and then the upper one. Install the bracket, fish the plug out the grille (near the horns) and top off the coolant tank with the correct G12 coolant mixed with water. I lost less than a pint of coolant when I did this and I was clumsy about it. 

Check out Fellow in Minneapolis uses zerostart heaters and custom hoses to fit our engines. Put this thing on a timer, and in 3 hours of warming time will heat your coolant so you have INSTANT heat when you start your car. 


I'm tellin' you guys, get the TDIheater! My Dad has one in his Golf TDI and it's awesome to be able to turn the car on and have the coolant system fully warmed up! …I have another TDIHeater sitting in my house that's for a friend. I'll bring it to the GTG on Sunday to show you. The install is easy and was done by my Dad in about 1.5 hours (he works at Holbert's in Warrington; Porsche shop). Easy install and everything fits great. 

Pelican18TQA4 Posting Excerpts: is a great place for a heater. It comes ready to install for your TDI and Terry is a great guy.

Paul L Fisher

While the aux. heater is a welcome addition to the TDI to keep the inside from fogging, and help with de-icing the outside, I would HIGHLY recommend installing a TDIHeater from !!! 

If you're able to plug the car in wherever you park (indoors or out), put it on a timer for 30 minutes to 1 hour, and leave your climate knob on "defrost"; when you start-up the next morning, the frost will be melted and the interior much warmer, plus engine temp will be at or near normal operating temp!

This is a no-brainer for those who live near the snowbelt - you shouldn't be putting any other $100 mod. on your TDI until you've installed one of these babies!


 I installed a TDI Heater in my Jetta last week. Great kit.

The heater hangs below the battery so the residual heat hits the bottom of the battery box. Nice freebie.  

Of course I didn't need it to start my TDI in Illinois. Just like a warm car with a functioning defroster. Plus I don't have heated seats.


Re: PD tiptronic coolant heater

 I can't comment on the mounting location. 

What I can say is that if Terry sells a kit for your car, it fits well. He develops each kit by test fitting to the specific car, engineers a custom mounting solution, and carefully documents fitting procedure w/pictures. Some of the best instructions I have ever seen. 

Almost impossible to screw up mounting his kit if you follow the instructions explicitly. I know, I tried very hard with the A3 Jetta kit.


 Buy a TDIHeater, they are the best, plain and simple

I got the 'dealer block heater', and I started a thread about it already, it's a tiny little thing that really does nothing. I am very disappointed, and out $400. The TDI Heater was much less than that, and has received rave reviews on this board.


Got one.

But on cold mornings it take more than an hour to get to temperature. Right now my timer is set for about 2 hours.

I mainly bought it to help reduce the cold start penalty.

$100 and 45 minutes are a good investment.


I can confirm that the TDI heater is great! I put it in myself and had no problems, other than retightening the clamps after a while. I'm in Michigan and it really helps to have an instantly warm car and better mileage from the get-go. Note: I find it t does take a couple of hours (I place it on a heavy duty timer) to get it up to operating temp. Its only a few cents of electricity vs. burning the diesel to warm it up. Right after you start up, the circulating coolant cools for a bit, but just a little and you're back at operating temp. The defroster would clear your windows very quickly this way. I park in a garage so don't have that issue.


Re: Will my TDI be able to weather winter outdoors  

Get a TDIHeater. Best winter investment I've ever done to my car.


I 2nd the TDI Heater... especially if you don't have seat heaters. You won't 'need' the TDI Heater to start the car, but it will start easier, and (the best part) you'll have heat almost immediately!


Same same for the TDI Heater. Great investment. It's like having your car in a heated garage!!


You'll have no problem leaving it outside during the winters. I've taken mine up to the mountains in Colorado and had no problems with -15 below zero F temps. I do use a double dose of powerservice in the winter though.

I do have a TDI heater installed on my vehicle and while the engine doesn't need this for a reliable start it sure helps cut down on the clatter on a cold engine and I prefer heated air out of the vents first thing in the morning.


Does my Jetta have a block heater?

 From my understanding you don't really want a block heater. Search here for a Frost heater. There is a company listed here that will sell you a very nice little kit and it does an excellent job from what I have read. 

Here it is. This is the one you want:


The Frost Heater is a "must have" mod for anyone in the snowbelt, IMHO. This tank heater will circulate warm coolant throughout the block by convection, including inside the cabin. I plug mine in for a few hours (using a timer) each morning during the winter. 

While the modern diesel glowplugs do a bang-up job no matter what the temp, using a frost heater like this makes it easier on the engine during ultra cold weather starts. The engine turns over much easier, runs much smoother after initial start-up, and having a warm cabin first thing in the morning is an added bonus.


Mounts to the frame on a [B4] Passat. 

Get the Frostheater. You'll pull your hair out trying to find the proper hoses for the B4 Passat. Much more complicated hose arrangement on the A3/B4 cars. 

The heater is a zerostart. Terry takes the basic unit, and goes from there. 

Then he develops the mounting system and test mounts one to the car in the optimal position for that car. Then he either finds or has made hoses that have the correct bends molded into them. With the B4, he also provides you with a new, shrouded, lower radiator hose. In addition, great installation instructions with pictures. Unit comes with all the hoses attached in the correct orientation. If you route something wrong, you'll instantly know it. 

The B4 kit is a great deal. You won't regret buying it.


I will also vouch for the Frostheater kit. It's worth it for the lower radiator hose alone (go price one) and installation is practically plug and play - fantastic kit, great service and price. Plus, it comes with M&Ms!


It was 2 degrees F early this morning, but had gone up to a balmy 12 when I went out to start up our DZL BTL. OK, so I know it's no thing for those further North, but for Baltimore, it's plenty cold. Luckily I had the TDI Heater plugged in over night. 

The glow plug indicator went out in two seconds and it fired right up as soon as I turned the key. The bonus came when I turned on the fan and got instant heat through the vents .  

I really love the TDI Heater and recommend it to all the TDI folks.


With the single digit temps that we have been getting at night here in CT. I sure do have to agree with you on loving the TDI heater. I work rotating 12 hour shifts in a powerplant. When I work nights and the car has been plugged in all night it starts just like on a balmy day and I have heat right away. The TDI heater was one of the mods that I sure am glad that I did when I first bought my car.


So far, the TDI heater is the single best thing that I have put on my jetta. Just wish I knew of a way to get the heated seats to warm up as fast.


 great investment! must have


Not to beat a dead horse but a $100 TDI Heater on a timer for 3 hours and my 2003 ALH fired right up this morning with a -20F air temp. My car sits outside every night and a heater is a must on really cold nights. Glow plug symbol goes out after 2-3 seconds, temp gage right at dead center. It goes to the left as soon as I start driving but at least I have heat much quicker and I suspect the oil circulates better as well.


My radiator froze solid last time it was -40 around here (early 90s) and the Ford truck I had at the time puked its coolant out all over the pavement ~5 miles from home 

I now have a tdiheater to avoid such annoyances. I plugged it in for an hour this morning, the wagon started right up but the trans was very hard to shift out of reverse. I need a trans heater!


Fellow TDI owners,

If you are looking for a heater for your car, Terry Frost is the man at or I just put one on my 2006.5 Jetta and the directions to install this heater are so easy and so clear that anybody can install them. I would have to give Terry a 10 on directions and product that he sells.

We keep the car pluged in at night and in the morning when I go to work I have instant heat!!!!

We live in Wisconsin and right now it is 8 degrees outside and this weekend it will be a high of 4 degrees and a low of -10 below zero. Thats cold!!!!

Thanks Terry for making a great product(I will always think of you when I start my car in the cold).


 I installed a TDI Heater when we bought our 2K6 DZL BTL. [2006 Beetle Tdi] While its been dropping to the low teens @ night, it's not an issue with the heater hooked up. It'll fire right up in the morning and we have instant heat. Even plugged in just three hours makes starting easy and gives a fair amount of heat inside. It is definitely worth the price.  

Only problem was in getting it up into the mounting position. Saying its tight is an understatement, but with patience and taking my time, I got it done. Everything fit perfectly. Smaller hands would have helped though. 

All in all, I highly recommend it for anyone with cold winters and an electric outlet near by.


I installed a FrostHeater into my New Beetle, which also happens to have a Greasecar WVO kit that I've been using for about the past 15k miles.


After replacing 12 batteries today I say they are a great idea.


I just recommended one to someone else I know.


Well, Chris at Fine Tuning got my Frost Heater installed into my B4 here in Seattle yesterday. Without a lift, I didn't want to crawl around in the snow and install it myself. His crew did a fine job of routing all the hoses, and I plugged the car in my carport for the first time last night. This morning in the 20's, the glow plug indicator was on for only one or two seconds -- started right up, and wonderful warm air came out of the vents! It works great!

48 MPG 

My car starts up fine when the temps are -30 Celcius without being plugged in. 

Buy a Zerostart Heater though ( Search it ) and install that. Takes 2 hours or so to put it in if you are a first timer. ( Thats what it took me ) In the winter, your car will think it is the summer, will have heat instantly, glow plugs will not even come on, and you'll save those harsh cold winter morning starts. Cost....less than $100 with everything. 

It's a no brainer really!


The best reason for installing a coolant heater is that you have heat right away, and the engine will love you as it starts immediately. Of course you need to start driving right away as the car will cool off while it idles. And then get a timer, as at -25 F it only takes about 3 hours to have the engine toasty warm. 

You can search around at this site for those who go the auto parts store and figure out all the hoses, or you can be somewhat lazy like me, and go to where Terry Frost will sell you a kit for your car. I have one in my 2002 though now that I am in Georgia I don't use it.

Curious Chris 

Ditto! It was nice in January when the temp was 0F to startup and have 100 degree temp immediately.


For the relatively inexpensive cost (~$100), it's hard not to recommend one!

 Morning temps are typically lower than afternoon/evening temps; that coupled with the long overnight cold soak you refer to makes a morning pre-heat a very valuable commodity. Plus, my body has a very poor "cold start" in the morning anyway, so climbing into a warm-ish car is easier on my bones. 

In MN, there are typically only a couple cold evening commutes where I've shivered for 5 - 10 minutes waiting for complete warm-up. 

But then, pyschologically, I'm looking forward to getting home and the cold doesn't affect me as much as it does NOT looking forward to driving into work in the morning. y'know?


My Husband got one for me as my Christmas gift. I LOVE it! Even way down here in GA it gets cold. It took a couple of hours to install ourselves. I got the timer as well. We have it set to go on about three hours before I leave for work. If it is below freezing I plug it in at the office too! 

Even with an outside temp of around 12 above the engine is at full operating temp (190) when I start up! That makes the car VERY happy. Mind you the temp goes down for a minute or so after you get going because the cooler coolant goes through. This sure beats going 10 miles or so before the heat comes on.  

If I like it so much living down south I can only imagine how wonderful it would be for you folks in the frozen tundra  

You even get M&M's with every shipment!

Warm thoughts to all,


Considering all the parts in the "tdiheater" kit that are specially made for the TDI, it's [the TDIHeater] cheap at twice the price. - mrGutWrench

The TDIHeater is very cost effective, considering many "Do-It-Yourselfers" are running into problems because they didn't think about adding a protection sleeve, etc. Cheapest I've seen the heaters are $38 from Whitney, but then add $14 shipping, plus the hoses etc, it ends up being a joke when the "Plug-In-Play" TDIHeater is the cats meow. Trust me I tried doing it myself last season and ended up buying a TDIHeater in the end. - jetblackjetta

How much could you possibly save by buying everything separate? $30? $40 max?? My time is way more valuable than that. I had less than an hour on the tdiheater install which included looking for tools, installation, testing drive, and putting the tools away where they belong If you can do this from scratch (including planning, shopping for the right parts, etc.) in less than two hours, you'd be very lucky. - highhilltdi

I just installed mine from TDI Heater last weekend, followed the instructions which are very good, but did check for air locks and ran it to normal temp....1st night just plugged it in for 2 hours or so, since then put it on a timer for 3 hours.....Starts just like summer if not better and runs really pleased with mine....Very good product, gets three stars from ready for a Michigan Winter... - golfclubguy

My TDIHeater works great. Car starts like it's the middle of June. Engine sounds and feels smoother right away. I have a timer setup for 3 hours of heat each AM.- VW_Jedi

My ace in the hole is a TDI engine heater!! Those things are fantastic, absolutely never a problem with the engine pre-heated.- Sootman

My 2003 Jetta TDI wagon is turning out to be an excellent winter car. There's a few things to keep in mind: - Install winter tires. They're less expensive than an accident. - Order the car with ESP. Combined with winter tires, the car tracks straight ahead on snow-covered roads. -Use a fuel additive. Don't rely on stations to "winterize" their fuel. -Install the TDI Heater. -Order the car with the Winter Package. The seat heaters will warm up much quicker than the cabin heater. - pushgears

I have been reading a number of replies to this article and many of them site the cold starting/smoking/loud idle/no heat etc. tendencies of the TDI. Two words: TDI heater. The second best investment I made for my TDI (after the chip) Just a thought...- AndyK

I'd definitely vouch for I put one in a couple of months ago and it sure makes a big difference. I'm not a mechanic, but was able to install it with no problems. - FanofAllDiesels

I even use my TDIHeater year 'round, in Texas! I can't imagine waiting 30 seconds for full oil pressure, let alone 90! How long would an engine last under those conditions???? - Tarbe

I installed mine tonight. Great kit, it was a fairly simple install. Almost looking forward to winter now.- david_594

Just received mine today. Very fast, professional service. Looking forward to the install when I get time. Great deal (I love free shipping!).- dadsdiesel

Bump for a great product - I took advantage of the free shipping back in July - fast shipping and my questions were all answered quickly via email. Finally got a chance to install today. The instructions were very clear - a very easy job. I think I spent more time with the belly pan than the heater itself. OK - C'mon snow! - dadsdiesel

One the best upgrades for Tdi's in the north country.- tango_28

I guess I put my order in just in time. It's getting quite chilly out here in MA pretty quickly.- EECSentric

I ordered one - been meaning to get one for a while...Looking forward to installing it.- LagoonBlueTDI

I just completed the installation of a TDI Heater (from Terry Frost) this morning in my wife's New Beetle. The install is tight, but I got it done in about three hours, which included getting a jug of G-12 from the dealer. (4 litres for $21 Cdn, not bad I thought) The space is tight in the Beetle, but possible. Other A4s should be easier. Hasn't turned cold enough yet to use it, but looking forward to colder weather to try it out.- dld

My Dad has a TDI Heater in his '02 Golf TDI. To say that he loves it is an understatement!! He comes home from work, plugs it in (while the coolant is still hot so all the TDI Heater has to do is maintain the coolant temperature, rather than actually heating it up) and leaves it plugged in until the next morning when he leaves for work. - Pelican18TQA4

The only way to go! TDIHeater. - dadsdiesel

I live in Michigan also and I would hate owning my TDI in winter without a "TDIHeater" or "Monster Mats" - PlatinumGLS

Just buy a TDI coolant heater from Terry at and put a Heavy Duty outdoor timer on the drop cord. Comes on at 6:00 a.m. and goes off at 8:00 or whatever---easy starts and instant cabin heat. It is definitely the way too go! - deming

I ran my TDIHeater heater much of last Winter (Chicago). I have a NB 5 speed. I run it anytime the car is parked outside to prevent the engine from ever cooling down...trying to keep its temp operating range as narrow as possible during extreme cold periods. - wgmoller

The TDI heater is a must-have for cold-weather running. - brucep

I suggest the TDIHeater (installed mine last spring after the cold weather had come and gone) for the sheer comfort of an instantly warm car. - jettanorth

I was very very happy with Terry's product and did not find the cost to be prohibitive. He even includes a treat in the package!!! Thanks Terry - TDIheater has made winter starts a snap. - wheels

Bottom line is this if you are predicting temps in the sub zero range I strongly suggest installing a TDI heater to preheat your engine. - Drivbiwire

I was going to install a remote starter in my 04 as well, until I read on this site that leaving your TDI idle is not a good thing, besides, it won't heat things up for you any faster. If instant heat is what your looking for...,install a TDI heater. - Xgaz

Get a zerostart (TDIHeater) I think they cost $99 Cdn with free shipping. Super easy to install, directions on this site. This should get your TDI started at -45 celsius. Put some fuel additive in the tank as well to prevent gelling. - peteman

This is a awesome product. If you live in the colder regions of the USA or anywhere in the world. Get the TDI Heater. This will keep you from freezing when you start up your TDI in the winter chill. - singh 

Yup, mine is in and love the instant heat. Also, love the fact that the car runs alot smoother in the morning that it did last year w/o the heater. No frost on the windshield either! - MTB_TDI

Very easy install. Did mine in 50 minutes. One suggestion I would make is to buy the plug cover for $3. - Luckycar

I bought a TDI Heater this year. It was a great kit. I went online, couple mouse clicks, CC number. Thing shows up a few days later mostly assembled with detailed instructions, a swift bracket pre-adjusted and all the hose protectors in place. I knew that as long as I had all the proper tools at the time, I wouldn't need to run around fetching parts at stores or cutting hoses to size while my coolant is running out all over the garage floor. That kind of convenience is worth $25 - $30 extra bucks, no question. - tdi_tim

I like the fact you sell that TDI heater. If I was going to install one, I'd buy it from you rather than deal with the hassle of getting parts here and there - and then going back to get whatever parts I was missing on Saturday afternoon only to find that the local NAPA closed at 3 not 4... well you know what I mean. - DougFromMaine

I just got finished installing my heater. About 2 1/2 hours work and I am slow. When I started I realized I had lost the instructions that came with the heater. Called Terry Frost from TDI Heater on his cell phone. He was at work and I left a msg. Called me back in about five minutes. Did not have file with him at work but promised me I would have Email by 7pm when he gets home. Got the Email and called to thank him. He answered some more questions that I had regarding removal of the plastic skid plate. Nothing to do with his product. …I think his unit is cheaper when you figure in the savings of time and his good will. Plus, he sent me a bag of M&M's. - delste

It was worth it to me to get a tdiheater. Installed in 20 minutes right out of the box is a great value to me.- Diesel924

When the TDI Heater box arrives and the wife gives you "the look", just toss her the M&Ms and everything is grand. TDI Heater - saves time, money, and marriage.- 63Ragtop

When I went to the TDIHeater website, it stated that there were many items in the kit design specifically for the A4 TDI application. I commend for developing this kit and marketing it. It seems like it is a good value to many! - TDIinRI

Buy The TDIHEATER. Best hundred bucks I ever spent. In my honest opinion it is no harder than changing your oil. - LILNITROJOE

TDI heater makes one that's 1000 watts. It's awesome! Fits great! I put mine on a timer to start 2-3 hours before I go in the mornings and when I hop in I have instant heat flowing out the vents.. It keeps the water @ 190 degrees till you start the car and only drops a little till you get going. This is the best heater to buy for our TDI's. - MiksTDI

I bought the TDI heater, which is a zerostart with the proper mounting bracket and hoses already attached. It's about $100(US) and worth every penny. I use a timer... it's the same one that he sells at, but I already had it. I just recently installed it, and it hasn't been very cold. Even so, you can tell the difference. It is quieter and smoother in the mornings... just like it had been running all night! - McBrew

…you can order the tdiheater, buy some coolant, some beers, and have a nice warm car. I just installed 2, and I've never touched anything even remotely mechanical ever. - boardom

I found my TDI would not start one extremely cold day last winter -20F that was the only day it would not start though. After that I installed a TDI heater and it starts perfect at any temp.- Troy1000

The other easy thing to do is install a TDIHeater. When you unplug the heater & drive off your coolant is already at operating temp or close to it & only takes a little driving to get up full temp. - Karmann-diesel

For this winter I installed and LOVE my TDI heater--worth every penny and it's a quick install. - flex94

I also second Karmann-diesel's suggestion of a TDI Heater. I just installed mine, and it's great! Well, I haven't used it in the past two days because it's been 60F here! It doesn't really get too cold here (single digits at times). However, I bought the TDI Heater mainly for the instant heat. As a side benefit, it puts less of a strain on my engine, battery, glowplugs, and starter. Oh, and it also decreases the startup emissions as an added bonus! Well worth the $100 and the hour or so it will take you to install it. …If you are "cold-blooded" get the TDI Heater... and heated seats! - McBrew

I have the TDI Heater on my Jetta and it does a good job of keeping things warm to avoid rough starts. It keeps my windshield from frosting up and within a few minutes after starting the car I have heat. - pruzink This is the place to get a coolant heater for your TDI. And if you are especially nice, you may get a bonus package of M&M's. Once the coolant is heated in the TDI it will also preheat the engine block. This means that the Glow Plugs do not have to work as hard to get the combustion chamber up to the temperature that will support compression ignition of the diesel fuel that is introduced during the start cycle. - PapaBear

TDI Heater has got my vote! Glow plugs don't even come on and heat is almost instantaneous, depending on temperature and wind.- Torque_Junkie

It [TDIHeater] would be my #1 recommend. - eyetdiman

TDIHeater is the ticket. It's great to have instant heat first thing on cold mornings. I even plug mine in at work. - jimoilrell

TDIHeater is the ticket. I ordered and installed myself. Make sure you have tools that are ideal for tight spots, otherwise follow the instructions and you should have no problems. Just be sure to use the VW coolant (50/50 mix with distilled water) for refill/top up. - Jonathan1