Mechanical Services

We offer the following services at our shop for
all late model Volkswagen TDI owners

    • FrostHeater Engine Heater Installations - G13 Coolant/Antifreeze Included!
    • Tire and Wheel packages - Improve the looks and that famous German handling!
    Winter Tire Packages - Ice & Snow Blizzaks
    • Replacement tires - for the common VW inside rear tire wear
    • Intake manifold & EGR soot cleaning - Restore that lost power!
    • Timing Belt Replacement - done right!
    • VAG COM diagnosis - FREE of charge code reading
    • 4 wheel Brake Service
    • Synthetic Oil Change
    • Wiper stud lubrication - Wipers slow, even when on high?

    • Snow Screen Cleaning - Do you know you have one?

All Services by Appointment Only - Call 612.978.9565 or email

Note during our busy season we concentrate on fulfilling orders and product development testing.