Custom-Fit Engine Heaters for Ford Super Duty diesels

It was a cold morning in Minnesota well below zero. I waited for the glow plugs, and fired up my Super Duty. Of course the Super Duty will start well below zero, but it's not an enjoyable sound knowing there is lots of wear going on, and I'm filling my DPF with soot. This is why I developed an engine heater for the Super Duty. Our kit is better than a traditional block heater since our kit circulates coolant, and doesn't require knocking out a frezeplug to install. We've been in business 23+ years, and are excited to get into the Super Duty world after acquiring a Super Duty of our own, and call for better Super Duty block heater solutions just like our Volkswagen TDI customers have enjoyed for 23+ years!

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(Super Duty Kit Contents)

(2011 Customer Truck, note the Bumper plug on the fender.)

(Our 2017 Super Duty on our development hoist)

(FrostHeater installed on 2017.)

                                                                     (Shown with Optional Bumper Plug)


    • Your engine will start like it's the middle of Summer!

    • Reduced tailpipe smoke at start up

    • Reduced smoke means LONGER DPF life! Our kit pays for itself with this benefit alone!

    • Less wear and tear on the engine and starting components

    • Increased Starter life (Super Duty starters run over $300!)

    • Increased Glow Plug life (Set of 8 glow plugs are $250 just for the parts! )

    • Increased Battery life (Super Duty takes two group 65 batteries remember!)

    • Reduced warm up idle time

    • A warm engine uses less fuel

    • Enjoy Cabin Heat sooner

    • Defrost ice and frost off the windows sooner for safer vision

    • Works great with your Bio Diesel or Waste Vegetable Oil Conversion!

    • Easy to install - 1 to 2 hours on average

    • Custom fit for 2011 thru 2019 Super Duty diesels

    • Compact, about the size of two 12oz soft drink cans

    • Factory appearance when installed

    • Name brand ZeroStart heater and Major Hose suppliers like Gates, Continental, and Dayco

    • Custom Hoses for exact fit (Both upper & lower are specific to your year and model diesel)

    • Rub Protection on the hoses for longevity specific to your year and model diesel

    • Custom Stainless Steel Laser-Cut Bracket specific to your year and model diesel....2011 models include an extra bracket (oem 2012+ Super Duty bracket) required for the installation, a $400 value! Seriously!

    • Thermostatically controlled prevents over-heating

    • Already have the factory Ford block heater? No problem! You can still install our kit, and yes you can use both if you like!

    • Kit comes fully-assembled, ready to install

    • Kit comes with an extra long cord to help reach the driver's side front bumper, but the cord can be routed to your choosing. Purchase the optional bumper plug for the ultimate plug-n-play solution

    Does not fit vehicles with the factory Ford PTO - Power Take Off Accessory

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    FrostHeater Details:

    • Diesel Engine Coolant Heater Kit is custom fit for Super Dutys with the 6.7L diesel engine. The 1000 WATT tank heater circulates coolant throughout the engine for QUICKER STARTS AND HEAT SOONER!* (Diesel owners know how long it takes to get heat!)

    • Benefits include: reducing wear on the glow plugs, starter and battery, and increasing life of your DPF! Oil pan heaters only heat the oil, lower hose heaters are lame and don't work anyway, The freezeplugs are difficult to access on the engine, and freezeplug heaters don't circulate coolant.

    • The kit is compact in size, comes pre-assembled with all necessary parts, hoses, and mounting bracket, to install the heater in an afternoon. Just add your own coolant and time.

    • These are brand new heaters engineered to fit exclusively the 2011 thru 2019 Super Duty 6.7L diesel engines. The heater is about the size of two 12oz soda pop cans, and fits nicely under the hood.

    • The kit fits like a glove, and has good clearance around the heater even when installing the unit. It will have a factory appearance when installed. We've had people say it looks factory.

    • Our kit ensures a correct installation and operation. Tank heaters need to be properly located and installed or they will not work since there is no pump or moving parts inside.

    Engineered with the following kept in mind:

    • It must appear factory, like it was designed to be there with clearance around the unit

    • It must maintain factory bend radius requirements for Ford coolant hoses

    • It must have a low or no impact on the cooling system

    • It must be mounted in such a way to minimize engine vibration through the heater

    • It must consist of top-quality components for at least a 100,000+ mile or more service life. Our test fleet of vehicles have an average of 300,000 miles and counting on each of the heater units! Our 2017 Super Duty has a number of years of use with no issues! The original prototype FrostHeater is on my personal Golf TDI with over 425,000 miles, (I drove every mile), and still works strong!

    • It must not have a check-valve so no engine damage occurs

    • The heater is a ZeroStart Brand heater with Gates, Continental, and Dayco Brand hoses developed exclusively for the kit. All the hoses come pre-installed on the heater so it bolts right in and works. This is a No-hassle drop-in kit using simple hand tools.

    • Included in the kit is detailed step-by-step instruction booklet with color photos to ensure a trouble-free installation with NO guesswork, fabrication, or backyard engineering required.  We're known in the TDI community for our highly detailed installation instructions.  No photo copied sheets here. If you receive photo copied sheets you don't have a Genuine FrostHeater.

    *varying range of heat depending upon many many variables

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    A PayPal Account is NOT required, they just handle our transactions and you can use any form of payment you like. Just Choose the "Pay as a Guest" in the shaded gray button.

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