Heated Seat Cushion


Our 'Heated Seat Cushion' is a great addition for TDIs that weren't equipped with the cold weather package and heated seats.  This quality heated seat cushion fastens securly to the seat with straps and hooks.   It has a two heat settings, Hi & Low, and even set on Low it will get very toasty!



    •Plugs into a standard power outlet
    •Easy to use switch with Hi & Low heat settings which is conveniently positioned and located
    •Warms the bun and the back of the cushion
    •Maintains temperature between approx 110 and 120 degrees
    •Warms very well, we often turn ours off after a short period of time it does such a good job

    •Stays in position with the attatched straps and hooks

    •We've tested these in a number of vehicles for the last few winter seasons, and they are very durable

    •Will fit side air bag equipped vehicles if the straps are positioned away from the side of the seat back

    Perfect addition for non-heated seat vehicles, or if the factory heated seat no longer works

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    Heated Seat Cushion
    $29.95ea, or Two for $49.95

    Standalone shipping is $17.95, but if ordered with a FrostHeater in the same order, no additional shipping is added!

    Kit # HSC1
    *Styles shown may very

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