Cold Weather Kit

Gives your vehicle that extra oomph for starting this winter!

Our kit fits virually any vehicle on the planet equipped with a battery and motor oil!

Perfect for vehicles we do not offer a FrostHeater coolant heater for!

Use with your FrostHeater coolant heater for the ULTIMATE in Cold Weather starting!


When attempting to start a Cold engine, there are basically three weak points working against you:

•A Cold Engine - A cold engine turns slower and fuel is difficult to ignite

•A Cold Battery -A cold battery only has 45% Battery Power Availble at -20F

•Cold Motor Oil - Cold motor oil takes longer to reach vital engine parts

For over 23 years our Famous FrostHeater coolant heater kit has addressed the first weak point, which is the most significant weak point, and with that famous kit the engine will start like it's the middle of summer!!

Our New 'Cold Weather Kit' addresses the other two weak points, the battery and motor oil.

For the second weakness, we address with an Onboard Battery Charger and a Battery Warmer. A cold battery only has 45% Battery Power Availble at -20F, so keeping the battery fully charged and warm gives you summer-like power.

For the last weakness, we address with a 250 watt CSA approved Oil Pan Heater to ensure the motor oil flows at very cold temperatures. Sure Volkswagens require a special full synthetic motor oil that does flow at cold temperatures, but warmer oil flows even easier! What does CSA approved mean? It is a very stringent Canadian standard which takes safety to the next level OVER a standard UL certification. This means a much safer product with built-in safety features to prevent overheating.

Keep in mind there's no 'instant heat' like with our coolant heaters, but a warm and fully charged battery with warm motor oil makes all the difference in starting in the dead of winter. Use both a FrostHeater and this kit to acheive the ULTIMATE in Cold Winter Starting and comfort.

(Shown: Onboard Battery Charger, 80 watt Battery Blanket Heater, 60 watt Battery Pad Heater, 250 watt Oil Pan Heater - Styles and products may vary, images for descriptive purposed only)

Cold Weather Kit Stage 1:

    •Choice of Battery Charger Fully Sealed from the Elements and Fully Automatic:

•4 Amp - 6.625" x 3.75" x 2.25" with 6 ft battery leads and 6 ft powercord, CSA / ETL Listed U.S. and Canada

    •1.5 Amp - 5" x 3.5" x 1.5" with 16 inch battery leads and 14 inch powercord, UL Listed U.S. and Canada

      •Choice of Battery Warmer, CSA Approved:

    •60 watt Battery Pad under the battery sandwhiched between the battery and battery tray

      •80 watt Battery Blanket which wraps around the 4 sides of the battery

        Stage 1 Onboard Battery Charger + Battery Warmer

        Cold Weather Kit Stage 2:

        •Includes stage 1 plus...

      •250 watt Oil Pan Heater CSA approved (Do not use on vehicles w/plastic oil pans or belly pans with insulation)

    Stage 2 Onboard Battery Charger + Battery Warmer+Oil Pan Heater