Mechanical Services

We offer the following services at our 6000 sq ft shop for
all late model Volkswagen TDI owners
Ok, some of that space is for component storage and classic car storage :)


    • FrostHeater Engine Heater Installations - G12 Coolant/Antifreeze Included!
    • Tire and Wheel packages - Improve the looks and that famous German handling!
    Winter Tire Packages - Ice & Snow Blizzaks, Green Diamonds
    • Replacement tires - for the common VW MKIV inside rear tire wear
    • Intake manifold & EGR soot cleaning - Restore that lost power!
    • Timing Belt Replacement - done right!
    • VAG COM diagnosis - FREE of charge code reading
    • 4 wheel Brake Service
    • Synthetic Oil Change - 505.00 & 505.01
    • Wiper stud lubrication - Wipers slow, even when on high?

    • Snow Screen Cleaning - Do you know you have one?

All Services by Appointment Only - Call 612.978.9565 or email

Note during our busy season we concentrate on fulfilling orders and product development testing.