Fuel Fill-Up Kit


Our 'Fuel Fill Up Kit' is a self-contained caddy which holds your Anti-Gel / Fuel Additive upright eliminating a potential leaky mess in your trunk.  The kit is virtually untippable even in spirited driving! Everyone who has ever owned a diesel knows that leaking Anti-Gel / Fuel Additive can ruin a trunk or interior in a heartbeat.



    •Designed to keep four 8oz bottles of Stanadyne brand fuel additive upright and secure!
    •Stays upright even in spirited driving while exercising that German suspension!
    •Container is lined with an absorbent pad which absorbs many times its weight

    •The absorbent pad keeps the bottles quiet and rattle free

    •Includes a pair of leather gloves to keep hands clean while fueling

    •Keeps oily fuel filling gloves contained so no more oil transfer to interior and / or belongings

    •Keeps the Anti-Gel / Fuel Additive and fuel filling gloves in one convenient location

    •No more messy zip bags

    •Easily removable and relocateable from the vehicle if needed

    •Extra room for small parts such as the famous Relay 109, extra glow plugs, the lug bolt key, etc

    •No more measuring the correct additive amount

    •Works with the old and new style bottles.  Works with other popular brands of additive as well.

    •Re-use the 8oz bottles of Stanadyne over and over again (we just keep refilling them half full for 'One Shot' fills)

    •Our kit ensures any leaky mess is contained and absorbed.  (we've never had a leak in 9 years of testing in multiple vehicles)

Kit includes:
    •Lined plastic container with Custom lid which holds four 8oz bottles of Stanadyne upright

    Now has Velcro strips applied to the bottom to prevent sliding (A customer suggested upgrade, and we listened!)

    •Pair of Leather gloves for fuel filling

    •Choice of two kits:

    •Kit above with four unopened 8oz bottles of Stanadyne (This equals 8 fill-ups!)

    •Kit above without the bottles


Choose your kit:


Fuel Fill-Up Kit with four unopened 8oz bottles of Stanadyne (This equals 8 fill-ups)
$34.95 plus $17.95 shipping & handling (Ships to U.S. addresses only, and only via UPS)(we automatically update the order to ship via UPS)

Kit # FF1
*Styles shown may very


Fuel Fill-Up Kit without Stanadyne
$15.95 plus $17.95 shipping & handling

Kit # FF2
*Styles shown may very